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Create a New Email Template

Learn how to create new Automation and Email Blast Templates

Your templates are the secret sauce to your marketing and outreach! Loyalsnap consolidates all of your Email Blast and Automation templates in one place to conveniently edit and create different types of communications with your clients.


Keep reading to learn how to create new email templates that can be used for Email Blasts and Automations


Create a new Automation email Template

Automations are those automatic messages that will be sent to your clients based on certain qualifying criteria. The template that is attached to each Automation will be completely within your control. This provides you with endless options for what to communicate to your clients, and when!

  1. Navigate to the Automations tab in your Portal.
  1. Toggle to the Templates tab at the top of the page
  1. Click Create New Template
    1. Notion image

  1. Enter the name of your new template and click Create

Create a new Email Blast email Template

Email Blasts (Newsletters) will be the communications that you’ll send to a larger segment of clients manually all at once. These types of messages are typically pertaining to widespread studio updates, marketing initiatives or newsletters!

  1. Navigate to the Email Blast tab in your Portal
  1. Click on Templates at the top of the page
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  1. In the pop-up window, click Create New Template
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  1. Enter the name of your new template and click Create
Whether you create a template from your Email Blast page or your Automations page, it will be viewable, editable and ready to use for both types of email communications! You can use templates created in the Automations page for your Email Blasts and vice versa for a seamless experience!
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