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Create New User

Learn how to create a new user for your studio

With Loyalsnap you have the ability to add an unlimited amount of User Accounts to your Portal to accommodate your studio’s entire team!

  1. Click on your User Icon in the top right corner of your Portal
  1. Click on XXX in the drop down menu
    1. Notion image

  1. To add a new user click + Add User
    1. Notion image

  1. Add the First Name, Last Name and Email Address for your new User
    1. Notion image

  1. Select if you would like this user to select Daily Emails and Replies to User
  1. Select the appropriate permissions for your new User
  1. Click Save

The new User will now receive an email prompting them to create a new password for their account. Once their password is created, they will be able to log into the Portal and have access to the assigned features.


For defining individual Permissions, please visit this help article on Defining User Permissions

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