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Add Social Media Icons to Templates

Learn how to add social media icons to your templates

We know how important social media is to your studio’s client engagement! If you have social media icons you'd like to add to your templates, you can upload them and link them to your pages! These icons must be in a .jpg or .png format. If you have multiple icons, our suggestion would be to upload them utilizing columns.


Adding a Column block to your template

Before you can add those important icons, you’ll want to add column blocks to your template. This will ensure that your icons are all evenly lined up and have a clean look.

1. Open the template you'd like to edit

2. From the panel on the right, drag the Columns block into your template

3. Depending on how many social media icons you have, choose the appropriate column block to add

Notion image

Add Social Media icons to your template

Now you're ready to add the icons to the columns you’ve just added. You’ll have the opportunity to adjust the size of your icons, as well as add the link to your studio’s social media pages!


1. Click Add Content in the first column block

2. Drag in the Image block

3. Click on the image placeholder

4. Click Upload Image

5. Select the icon you'd like to add from your computer

6. Repeat these steps until all of your social media icons have been added

Notion image

Adjust the image sizes:

1. Click on the image you'd like to resize

2. Click Apply Effects

3. Click Resize

4. Change the dimensions to your preference. We would recommend to make each icon the same dimensions for a uniform look

5. Click Apply

6. Click Save

Notion image

Add URLs to your social media icons:

1. Click on the image you would like to add a URL to

2. In the panel that appears on the right scroll down until you see the URL field

3. Add your studio's URL for your social media page

4. Click Save Template

Notion image

Once your template is saved, you will be all set and these icons will now link to your studio’s social media pages!

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