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Texting Inbox and Sending a Text

Learn how to send a text in Loyalsnap

This article will cover the basics of using your Loyalsnap Inbox. Texting is such an important marketing tool and we believe in keeping it simple!

The Inbox Tab

The Inbox gives you quick and easy access to text conversations with your clients. It is found on the menu bar on the left side of your portal.

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You’ll be able to view text conversations, as well as create a new text message right from the Inbox!


To send a new message from your Portal Inbox, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Inbox tab in your Portal
  1. Click New text message
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  1. Click in the Search clients search bar and locate the client you’d like to text
    1. Once you’ve chosen a client, you’ll see their client details on the right side of the screen. This gives you easy access to pertinent information about where this client is in their journey with your studio. You’ll also see a new text thread appear in the conversations on the left side of the screen.

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  1. Start typing your message and you will see the Estimated # of segments meter under the text message box.
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      Text messaging in Loyalsnap is metered, meaning that there is a charge per segment. One segment is equal to 160 characters, but we take the guesswork out of it by providing you with this helpful counter! For further information regarding SMS pricing, please see our help article, SMS Pricing Breakdown.

      If you hover over the question mark icon that appears next to the counter, you’ll see a message with a reminder to try reducing your character count so you’ll only be charged for one segment.

  1. Click Send Message once you are happy with your message to send a text to your client
Things to Note: Your texting Inbox will only show conversations that include a reply from the recipient. This view will not include outbound text messages that haven't been replied to unless you text a client directly from the Inbox. You can only text clients who exist in Loyalsnap. There isn't an option to type in a telephone number manually. Emojis count as multiple characters (est 70), so keep that in mind if you’d like to keep your texting costs down. Try to limit text messages to quick bursts of important information and your clients and your wallet will appreciate it. Loving the Inbox? You can take it on-the-go by downloading our app! Apple iOS Loyalsnap App Download Google Play Loyalsnap App Download
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