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Understanding Recipient Lists

Learn all about Recipient Lists and Segmentation in Email Blasts

Whether you want to send a Newsletter to all of your clients, or a new offer for a small specific group, Loyalsnap Custom Recipient Lists is the perfect solution!


When you are creating an Email Blast, you are able to target a specific subset of clients to get your message in front of the right people. Through our many conditions and pre-set sending lists, you’ll be able to easily target the clients you need to in order to increase conversions and retention rates!


Loyalsnap offers an extensive list of conditions that can be used together to build out a perfectly tailored recipient list, however it may be tough to know where to start!

In this article we will provide you with definitions of our pre-set recipient lists in addition to each individual condition in addition to help you maximize your use of Email Blasts!

Pre-set Recipient Lists

Pre-set recipient lists can be used as a quick way to reach commonly targeted recipient groups!

Pre-set Group Name
Active autopay contracts
Clients who are on an active autopay contract with your studio
All clients
All clients in your Booking Platform and external leads in your Loyalsnap account
Clients on canceled or expired contracts
Clients whose last contract has expired or has ended with no renewal
Clients on lists
Clients on a specified list uploaded to your Client List page
Clients on non-autopay packages
Clients who are currently on a non-autopay package (i.e an intro offer or class pack)
Intro clients
Clients in your Booking Platform whose account age is less than 30 days old
Leads registered in your booking platform (no purchases or visits)
Clients in your Booking Platform whose account age is greater than 5 days old but have not yet purchased or taken a visit
New clients (no active pricing option)
Clients in your Booking Platform who have taken at least 1 visit and their account age is less than 30 days old. These clients are not on an active package or contract
Registered clients
Clients in your booking platform whose account age is greater than 0 days (differs from “All Clients” as this group does not contain external leads)

Recipient List Conditions

While the pre-set recipient lists are helpful, sometimes you may need to really narrow down a specific list of clients. You can layer any of the conditions below to build out your perfect recipient group based on the Blast you are sending!

Account Age
Number of days since the client’s account was created
Available Credits
Available number of credits/classes left on a package or pricing option
Clients currently on a ClassPass pricing option
All of the clients in your Loyalsnap database including external leads
Contract Ending
Clients whose contract will expire in X days
Contract Expired
Clients whose contract expired X days ago
Contract Status
Clients who are on a contract with a specific status. Options are Active, Inactive, Scheduled, On Hold
Contract Time
Clients who are between X and Y days into their current contract
Current Package
Clients whose current package is X
Days Since First Class
Clients whose first class was X days ago
Expired Package
Clients whose last package expired X days ago
Expiring Package
Clients whose current package will expire in X days
Clients who currently have a follow up scheduled through the Dashboard for a future date
Last Package
Clients whose last package was X days ago
Last Visit Status
A client’s last visit was between X and Y days ago and had a status of one or more of the following: scheduled, no-show, signed in, late cancelled
Clients that are not in your studio’s Booking Platform. These clients have been added to Loyalsnap through an external lead source like Facebook or Google Sheets
Clients on a custom list uploaded by your team through the Client List tab in your Portal
Clients whose most recent location is X (only applicable for studios who have multiple locations on the same Mindbody ID)
Next Scheduled Visit
Clients whose next scheduled visit will happen in X days
No Activity After Purchase
Clients who have not booked a class or made a purchase/payment since their last purchase of X
No Activity in X Days
Clients who have not booked a class or made a purchase/payment in X days
No Visits after X time
Clients who have not visited your studio in X days
No Contract
Clients who are not currently on an active contract
No Scheduled Visits
Clients who have no future scheduled visits
No Subsequent Purchase
Clients who have not purchased anything since their last purchase of X package
On Autopay
Clients who are on an autopay pricing option
On Unlimited
Client is on an unlimited pricing option
Clients who have purchased X package
Recent Visit Count
Clients whose recent visit count is between X and Y visits in the last Z days
Total Visit Count
Clients whose total visit count is X
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