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Create a New Email Blast

Learn all of the steps required to create and send an Email Blast to your clients

With Loyalsnap, you are only a few steps away to sending mass email updates and promotions to your clients! There are a few fields to be completed when creating a new Email Blast to send out to your clients. You will need to choose recipients, a subject line and the specific template and content you would like to include!


Create a new Email Blast

  1. Navigate to the Email Blast tab in your Portal
  1. Click the Create Email Blast button in the top right corner. If this is your Studio’s first Blast, you can also click Create one here.
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  1. Choose a distinguishable name for your Email Blast and click Create
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Choose Email Blast Recipients

After creating a new Email Blast, the first step is to select your recipients. You can use Loyalsnap’s smart conditioning to target clients based on certain parameters, or you can upload a Client List to reach a specific group of your clients!

  1. Under the To section of your Email Blast, Click + Add Recipients
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  1. In the drop down menu, you have the ability to choose from one of our pre-set group of conditions, or you can customize your conditions to target a specific group of clients. To view more details regarding what each condition means, please visit Understanding Recipient Lists
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  1. Once you have chosen the group of clients to target, you can perform one of the following actions:
      • Conditions drop-down: By clicking the blue Conditions button, you can make adjustments to the set of conditions for your Email Blast
      • Include another recipient group: By choosing this option, you are adding a secondary group of clients to receive this blast. For example, if your first recipient group conditions include “Clients on an Intro Offer” and your second recipient group includes “Clients on Autopay” then the blast will be sent to any client who is on an intro offer, OR any client who is on an Autopay pricing option.
      • Exclude Recipients: This option allows you to condition a list of clients to exclude from your Email Blast
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  1. Click Save

Confirm your Sender Name

The From section of your Blast is automatically filled out when your Blast is created. The Sender Name will be your studio name and the Sender Email is the email address that Loyalsnap uses to send your Studio’s emails. If your Sender Email field is from “” please reach out to to get your studio’s email address verified!

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Write your Subject Line

  1. In the Subject field, write the subject for your Email Blast
  1. If you want to add emojis to your subject line, click the emoji icon on the right
  1. Click Save
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Choose your Content

  1. To choose the content for your Email Blast, you have the option to select an existing Email Blast Template from the drop-down menu, or you can click Create new template
  1. You also have the ability to edit your Template from your Email Blast by clicking Edit Template
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  1. Click Save

Send your Email Blast

  1. When all four sections are complete, indicated with a green check mark, click Send Now
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  1. If you would like to schedule your Email Blast to send at a later time or date, click Send Later and choose the time and date you would like your Blast to send!
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