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Edit Dashboard Category Scripts

Learn how to edit Dashboard Category scripts

Scripts are the communications that connect to the categories in your Client Management Dashboard. They allow you to quickly send predetermined messages to your clients from the Dashboard. There are three types of scripts - Email, Text, and Phone Call. Read on for details about each type of script, as well as how to edit your scripts to ensure your clients are getting the most updated information.


Scripts Overview

When you click on a Client Profile from the Dashboard, you will see the communication center on the right side of the profile.

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You will notice that there is pre-filled text in the Email, Text, and Call communication center. These are your scripts! The scripts are provided so you won't have to type out the same message to every client in a category each time you want to send a message. This not only saves time, but it helps to keep communications consistent when you may have multiple staff members communicating with your clients.


Scripts are attached to the Dashboard categories, not to individual clients. There will be one of each type of script for each Dashboard category. That means that each client within a category will show the same pre-filled script when you open their profile. If you click on a client in a different Dashboard category, that client will show whatever script is attached to that category.


There are different scripts within each category for Emails, Texts, and Calls.

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This allows you to choose a different script for each type of communication you’ll be sending, ensuring that your messages will not sound robotic or repetitive to your clients.


There are two ways to edit the scripts for your Dashboard categories. You can edit a script from within a Client Profile or from your Dashboard.

Editing Scripts from the Client Details Page

  1. Click on a client currently on your Dashboard to access their Client Details Page
  1. Click on the microphone icon in the top left corner of the Client Details page to open the Scripts Editor
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      Within the Scripts Editor, you will see the name of the category for which you're currently editing the script. As you’ll see in the GIF above, you can even click on the dropdown menu to choose a different category in which you'd like to make edits.

  1. Toggle to choose between editing the Email, Text, or Call script for that Category
  1. Edit the script to your Studio’s preferred messaging
  1. Click Save Script

You will notice that there are certain blocks that are greyed out, such as Client’s first name and Agent. Any time you see the grey box, it indicates a field that will be automatically populated when you send the Email or Text, also known as a Merge Field. This will save you even more time when communicating with your clients from the Dashboard!


Editing Scripts from the Dashboard

You can also edit scripts directly from the Dashboard without the necessity of clicking into an individual client profile. Just follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Client Management Dashboard
  1. Hover over the Category you would like to edit the script for
  1. Click on the microphone icon that appears to open the Script’s Editor
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  1. Once you have the Scripts Editor open, you can proceed as indicated above to edit whichever scripts you choose.

Merge Fields and Emojis

Through the Script’s Editor, there is a list of Merge Fields that you can utilize to make your communications quick and personalized!

  1. Open the Script’s Editor
  1. Type @ or click on the @ symbol to bring up a list of Merge Fields available
  1. Select your Merge Field from the drop down to add it to your script
  1. Click Save Script

To help bring your studio’s fun and unique communication style to Loyalsnap, we also incorporate the use of emojis! To do so, follow the steps above and click on the Emoji icon to insert an emoji into your Email or Text communication!

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