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Client Management Dashboard Overview

A general overview of the Client Management Dashboard

One of the most popular, powerful and helpful features that Loyalsnap has to offer is the Client Management Dashboard! Read on to learn how the Dashboard was designed to help you make the most of each step in the client journey.

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How to Use the Dashboard

The Loyalsnap Dashboard is intuitive and customizable to show you the clients that are in important points in their customer journey so that you can optimize the manual outreach of your team!


We recommend that studios utilize the Dashboard as an action center that functions as your daily to-do list. One of our Account Managers was a previous client of Loyalsnap and advises to have the Loyalsnap Dashboard up first thing in the morning and clear it out throughout the day as clients appear in the Categories. Communicating with these clients and clearing out your Dashboard daily can lead to more conversions, sales and retention opportunities for your studio! While Automations are always running in the background, your Dashboard Categories are meant to identify clients who might need a personalized touch in your team’s communication to encourage them to take the next step. The Dashboard is meant to work in tandem with your Automations and does not function as a running list of clients. Each client who appears on the Dashboard is there intentionally!


New leads, clients who are about to take their first visit, clients whose trial is about to expire and members at risk are just a few of the many Categories we can help customize to your Studio’s specific sales process and needs.

To request new Categories or updates to existing Categories, please reach out to via email or the contact form below

How the Dashboard Works

Loyalsnap updates and evaluates your Dashboard Categories on an hourly basis. Every hour our system evaluates your Dashboard Categories from top left to bottom right and identifies which clients qualify for those Categories. If a client meets the conditions of a category, you will see that client’s name appear on the Dashboard, indicating that they need manual outreach from your team! You’ll know exactly what type of outreach is best for each client based on which category they appear in on your Dashboard. Each Category is set up with Maximum Days in Category, in which you can set the maximum amount of time a client will appear in a Category, as long as they continue to meet the conditions. As we recommend to use the Dashboard as a daily to-do list, we understand that sometimes you may not be able to sign in every day, so having a client remain in a Category for a few days will allow your team extra time for that important outreach!

Note: Clients can only appear in one Dashboard category at a time. That means that if they qualify for a category, they will no longer be evaluated for qualification in categories further along the Dashboard.
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