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Create a Client List

Learn how to utilize the ability to upload a CSV, search for clients, or add contacts to Loyalsnap for custom recipient lists in Email Blasts

Client Lists are a valuable tool if you're looking for ways to customize your Email Blasts beyond those clients who are in your booking platform. You can use this feature to upload custom lists of clients and then target only those clients in your blasts.


Create a Client List:

  1. Navigate to the Client List tab in your Portal
  1. Click + Create Recipient List to start building a new list
  1. Enter a name for your new recipient list
  1. Select your method for adding clients to your custom list. You can search for current clients in Loyalsnap, Create New Clients, or Upload a CSV

List Upload Methods

Search for Clients

  1. Select the Search method for adding a client to your list
  1. Search for the client you want to add by their name or email address
  1. Click Add Clients

Create New Client

For this method, a new contact will be created in your Loyalsnap Portal

  1. Select the Create New Client method to add a new contact to your list in addition to adding them to your Loyalsnap Portal.
  1. First name, last name, email address are required fields. Phone number and Location are optional and are not required to be filled out
  1. Click "Add"
Note: If the email of your new contact exists in Loyalsnap, you will receive an error. New contacts can only be manually texted or emailed and will not receive automations or appear on the Dashboard. Once this client has been added into your booking platform with this email address, they will update in Loyalsnap.

Upload CSV

  1. Select the Add CSV file method for adding a client to your list
  1. Drag or upload a .csv file into the pop-up.
Your .csv file must include a header row that includes "First Name," "Last Name," "Email Address," and "Phone". First name, Last name and Email address are required fields. You are not required to put a phone number for each client.
  1. Click Add Clients

To save an Excel file as a CSV, please follow these steps: In your Excel spreadsheet, click File.
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