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Send a Text to a Client

How to send a text from your Loyalsnap Dashboard

Your Loyalsnap Dashboard is the action center of your portal. The Dashboard will show you those clients who are at important stages in their client journey. Our team believes that these clients could benefit from an extra level of personal outreach and we make that super simple for you!

  1. Navigate to that client’s profile by clicking on their name, opening up their Client Details Page
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      Once you're in the Client Details page, you’ll see several options for contacting that client right from that page. This article is all about texting but if you're looking for more information on sending an email from the Dashboard or logging a call, we’ve got you covered! Click here to learn more about sending an email from the Dashboard and Click here to learn about logging a call. (Insert links to articles)

  1. Toggle to the Text tab
    1. When you click on Text, you’ll notice that clients who are on the Dashboard will have a pre-filled script in the body of the text. The client’s name will automatically be populated for you. In some cases, the agent’s name will also be automatically populated in the script. This will be the name of whichever agent is signed into the portal at the time the text is being sent.

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  1. Make any necessary edits to the existing Script
    1. You also have the option to edit the script for the entire category so you can use it for other clients who appear there! Just remember that if you edit the script from a client’s profile page, it will edit that script for the entire category where the client is currently located, not just for that one client.

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4. Click Send Message!

Please be advised if the client does not have a valid phone number on their account, you will see an error messaging warning that it was not delivered. You can reach out to if you have any questions about failed messages!

Things to Remember: The client’s first name will automatically populate in your text as long as you are using the script. If you manually type out a text, you will need to type out the client’s name. The agent’s name will automatically populate based on the first name of the user who is logged into the portal. Just keep that in mind if you have a user profile that uses the studio name, rather than a person’s name. If you edit the script from the Client Details page, it will apply to the entire Dashboard category, not just that one client.
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