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Add/Update Custom Automations

Learn how to request new automations or to update existing automations

Adding custom Automations, or updating existing Automations can be done with the assistance of our Loyalsnap Client Services team. You can submit your request to to get started!

If you are an F45 Training studio, please contact directly for support as certain features vary depending on subscription level

In your request for a new or updated Automation, please be sure to include the following details:

  1. When is this communication being sent (choose from the available trigger options below):
  1. Packages/Contracts to associate (if necessary):
  1. SMS or Email:
  1. Subject line (Email only):

Available Triggers:

  • Total number of visits (milestone celebrations)
  • Number of visits on a specific package (sent after X number of visits on a certain package) Keep in mind that this condition will only apply to visits on a particular package. If a client has taken visits on a different package, they will not factor into the visit count to trigger this Automation.
  • Package purchase (sent immediately after the package has been purchased)
  • Contract purchase (sent immediately after the contract has been purchased)
  • Package expiring (number of credits or days remaining)
  • Package expired (number of days since the package expired)
  • Contract start date (number of days since the contract start date)
  • After every number of visits on a specific package (ex. every 2nd visit on ClassPass)
  • Days since first class (number of days since the client’s first class)

Each Automation can only be based on one trigger and there is currently no conditioning available with Automations. These triggers cannot be chained together to create Automations with more than one trigger or additional conditions.

For example, you cannot create an Automation that is based on BOTH total number of visits AND days since first class. Only one trigger can be present for each Automation.


If you are looking for a specific Automation and do not see the trigger listed above, please reach out to and our team will work with you to build a flow that works for your studio!

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